Craigslist Rocket Ships & Soul

Craigslist Rocket Ships & Soul

“People said I was some kind of crazy thinking I could hang on to a dream I’d had since I was a kid. But I knew I couldn’t expect somebody who has never rode a comet across the sky to understand something as astral as a dream. They can’t see that far, that’s all, they just don’t have the vision.  But it’s not glasses they need, it’s soul.

The kind of soul that keeps your heart-beating when everything you ever loved is lost. Soul that makes you see the devastating beauty in tragedy and the shallow tragedy in beauty. Soul that goes so deep you can feel water flowing through it way down in the center of the earth.  And soul, so incredibly alive, it can yank you right out of the desert of dead dreams and pump the breath back into lifeless hope.

I got soul,  that’s how I made it all the way out to the edge of the universe, all universes.

See, I had it in my mind for sometime that I wanted to find the edge, the end of everything. Some people call it the “Edge of the World.” Well, I wanted to find the edge all worlds, the whole game. Now once I get something in my mind, I don’t give up easy. So, after a very extensive search I acquired a space travel vehicle that I felt would take me to my destination. I purchased the craft from an old man in Billings, Montana right off of Craigslist.

He had been working on building a space-travel machine since the 1970’s and finally created one that actually worked. It was constructed out of a Ski-Doo Jet Ski and he put all kinds of rockets-blasters, navigational devices and long distance travel instruments on it. Then he heat-proofed it, fire-proofed it, cold-proofed it etc. and stuck a lid over the whole thing.

It was actually quite simple to navigate and fairly comfortable for what it was. He also included a spacesuit which made me look like a giant tuna fish. The listing said no haggling, so I paid the full price with a money order as requested, and set off to find the edge of the universe.  Within a week I was up near the first star on the handle of the Big Dipper. After a few more weeks I was well out of the Milky Way all together…….”©Excerpt from “The Almost True Tales, Thoughts & Observations of a Life Long Black Sheep Rebel Girl”

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Stay wild stay free,

Black Sheep Rebel Girl

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  1. yullbrownsgas says:

    I love your description of ensuring workability: “Then he heat-proofed it, fire-proofed it, cold-proofed it etc. and stuck a lid over the whole thing.” A good read. Thank you. Peter Griffiths

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