Flippin’ Out Watching Star-Ships Passing By

Flippin’ Out Watching Star-Ships Passing By

I was like flippin’ out, flippin’ like pancakes, flippin’ like Flipper watching the eclipse. We saw the Total, lucky to be there though, cause in White House it was loco when the darkness hit.

Hundredths of a second later light cut through in shimmering razors, never have I seen that color on the earth or in the sky.  I didn’t know that the Corona was a super power supernova, jumping, slamming, slipping around the moon-but I saw it with my eyes.

It was beauty, it was peace, it was life can be so sweet, it was drop you to your knees, it was can you believe it? It was art, it was chaos, it was order, it was save us and in two minutes thirty-nine seconds it was over, it was gone. 

No picture truly caught it, it was alive no static motion and we were, “That was incredible! That was magic! That was the single greatest wonder that I have ever seen!”

It came in light-rays from the sky, just two star-ships passing by and I swear I heard one whisper “love” before the contact broke. It shattered in a diamond, and we screamed and put our black-eyes back on.  I stood there stunned and silent knowing that my life had changed….” ©Excerpt from The Almost True Tales, Thoughts & Observations of a Life Long Black Sheep Rebel Girl”

Thank you for reading my thoughts.

Stay wild stay free,

Black Sheep Rebel Girl 


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  1. Mary says:

    Like Jodie Foster said in “Contact”, they should have sent a poet. Thank you for putting words to the experience so that the rest of us who couldn’t get totaled, get it now.

    • Right on Mary, thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you get to see the next one in the states in 2024, it’s right your alley and right out of your dreams!!! I really had no idea I was going to see something so magnificent and other worldly. Well worth any drive or trip. 🙂 ml, Rachel

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