The Beatles, Soldiers, Love

The Beatles, Soldiers, Love

“Billions of voices used to travel through telephone wires everyday. All the “I’m on my way home now” and “Would you tell her I called,” still hang from the copper. When you get close, you can hear the echo of teenage girls making plans to see “The Beatles” and choked up soldiers calling to tell their mother’s “Happy Birthday.”  

Why, you can even hear newspaper men reporting stories. Stories about Muhammad Ali beating George Foreman. Vivid tales of Lindbergh, the Titanic, Watergate, Martin Luther King, the moon landing, Bonnie and Clyde, D-Day, Kurt Cobain, Billy Holiday, Henry Ford, Judy Garland, Babe Ruth, etc, etc, etc.  Many of the souls are gone but not the voices.

Of course there are millions of people who have never given up ring dialing. They say, “That’s the way I’ve always done it and I am not changing now.” Every school and most businesses continue to communicate through the phone lines.  But one day, it’s going to be over and all that wire and all the transmitters will be relics. Just like the typewriter, the calculator and the phone booth.

It makes me wonder about certain things.  Things like, whose voice will be the last voice to vibrate through the lines?  Like, will the last voice and the last words spoken live inside the metal wires forever, on and on and on and on?

I am thinking that voice will live inside the wire. That is why I am hoping the final words going through those old telephone lines will be the most sincere and truthful “I love you” ever spoken.  So even after every wire is pulled down and crushed or buried in the earth: we will still feel that last bit of love that flowed through the wires flowing right into the world, on and on and on for always…”  ©Excerpt from The Almost True Tales, Thoughts & Observations of a Life Long Black Sheep Rebel Girl”

Thank you for reading my thoughts.

Stay wild stay free,

Black Sheep Rebel Girl

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  1. This made me cry at the end. You have the most creative thoughts!

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